About Us

A bit of “us” …

Our team includes people with different skill sets. Every project goes through multiple reflections in order to bring out the best and offer a multitude of uses for the same article.

Wherever you go and whatever you want to do, TEFANESO brings you a solution.

We work together to bring you urban creativity with Alpine roots to create the most comfortable mountain products.

TEFANESO Switzerland S.A.
Head office
Chemin de la Colline 7 1863 Le Sépey Switzerland
Mr. Laurent Tille, Mr Christian Tille
Administrator - board member
Mr Florian Dubuis
Web designer
Tefaneso Switzerland
Legal form


Administrator - Chairman
Mr. Laurent Tille
Board member

Mr Zhang Miao, Mr Songer Wu, Mr Christian Tille

Computing service
Net Gestion 1854 Leysin, Switzerland info@prealp.ch  www.prealp.ch
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Outerwear - Tefaneso offers you a large range of high-end outer sport clothing. Browse our collection of ski jackets for men, women and children.
Address : Chemin de la Colline 7 1863, Le Sépey, Switzerland.
Email: info@tefaneso.ch
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