Our beginnings …

It was in the Vaudois Alps, that the outdoor brand TEFANESO was launched in the spring of 2015. It all started when we were wondering, why really good quality outdoor wear products have such a restricted use area like hiking boots.


Why not offer a sporty mountain boot, with the multi protections that so many people want for all their everyday wear, to semi-pro and professional activities? So the development of our first mountain boots began.


First came the development of the sock which complements the comfort and the active form and function of the boot… The pants and jackets logically followed soon after. To complete the work, it was the inner and intermediate multi layers we developed…

The following…

The seasoned sports enthusiast dresses to perform and they know the weather and what it takes to keep in the best condition while maintaining body temperature stability. They avoid getting cold mainly during exercise, as the body warming causes sweating and there, the problem is reversed.


The body will become wet and then temperature then becomes cold. They must think about all aspects of course, and without overloading on unnecessary items that will hinder them during their efforts. In addition, each day the weather is different.


For this TEFANESO has introduced simplicity for everyone! Several new features and technical innovations for the convenience of use, through our exclusive designs. All this and reducing our waste for our planet.

This is our story! The result will be written with you!

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