How does it Work?

Tefaneso will provide you with tracking links that you can share on your own Digital Marketing Channels including websites, social networks, ads, etc. Each time, when your referrals successfully complete a purchase on Tefaneso.com, you will make commissions. Furthermore, Tefaneso’s affiliate program is a good way of earning money for every customer you refer to Tefaneso.com.


High Commissions

•  Sales from $0 to $5.000 = 10% Commission
•  Sales from $5.001 to $10.000 = 15% Commission
•  Sales from $10.001 to $20.000 = 20% Commission
•  Sales from $20.001 and more  = 25% Commission

If your referral successfully complete a purchase on Tefaneso.com, you will earn up to 25% from that sale as well as its future purchases.

Tracking Links

Tefaneso will provide you with tracking links so as to know when your referrals have made a purchase. It has a 30 days cookies duration.

Guest Blogging

If you are a blogger or freelancer, you can benefit as well from our Affiliate Program. Tefaneso’s Affiliate program allows us to assign a page on Tefaneso.com to bloggers who would like to write blog articles e.g: How can Tefaneso’s multi functional Winter Jackets can keep you warm? Or Top 10 Best Tefaneso’s Winter Jackets? You can place affiliates links on the articles so as to earn commissions for each purchase made.

Lifetime Commissions

This feature allows you as an affiliate to earn more commissions from all future purchases that will be made by your customers / visitors; which means If your visitors make future purchases, Tefaneso will give more and more commissions.

Other Benefits

•  Free to Join
•  Discount Coupons
•  Direct Traffic links
•  Affiliate Dashboard
•  Banner Ads
•  PayPal Payouts
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