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We guarantee consumers that, as of the date of purchase and within the scope of the legal warranty under the respectively binding national laws of the country of purchase, the merchandise is free from defects attributable to material defects or production errors.

The preconditions for honouring the warranty are the proper usage and treatment of the merchandise, as well as its proper care (follow the brand’s care instruction).

Not included under the warranty are

  • Normal wear and tear as well as the results of improper usage.
  • Wilful damage.
  • The lack of proper care and treatment
  • Faulty adjustment and/or modifications

In the event of a justified warranty claim, we shall provide our choice of a repair or replacement.

Limitation of liability:

  • For damage or loss as a result of defects, we are liable only for wilful damage or gross negligence. In the case of mere careless neglect, whether on our part of our assistants or agents, our liability is limited to contractually typical, predictable damage.

The warranty can only be honoured when the fully completed certificate of guarantee and/or the sales slip (showing the merchant’s stamp and date of purchase) have been provided.

Honouring a guarantee will not prolong the original warranty period.

Our recommendation:

You have purchased a quality product from TEFANESO. Please note that in spite of the high quality and excellent fabrication, age-related signs of wear can appear after some times. We therefore recommend that you have your TEFANESO product checked by us or a specialized retailer after six years.

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